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Locally owned and operated since 1956, Walrath offers service excellence in heating and cooling solutions.

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Walrath understands that a warm home is a place of comfort and security for you and your family. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please contact us for immediate assistance.

Gas Furnaces
■ from 80% to 98% efficient
■ two stage & modulating
Heat Pumps
■ electric & water source
Dual Fuel Furnaces
■ gas/electric hybrid
Packaged Units
■ roof top & balcony mounted
Garage Heaters
■ forced air & infrared
■ tube heaters
Spot Heaters
■ wall furnaces & baseboard
■ problem rooms & additions
■ 80% to 90% efficient
■ snow melt & pool units
Water Heaters
■ conventional & tank-less
■ storage tanks
■ additions & complete systems
■ design, fabricate & insulate


Whether you’re trying to escape the daytime heat, get restful sleep or add value to your home, Walrath has a cooling approach that fits your needs.

Central Air Conditioning
■ lower electrical usage
■ ozone friendly refrigerant
Evaporative Swamp Coolers
■ lower water usage
■ self cleaning units
Air Handlers
■ attic & crawlspace mounted
Packaged Cooling Units
■ roof top & balcony mounted
Spot Cooling Units
■ ductless systems
■ window units
Spacepak Cooling Systems
■ when space is at a premium
Whole House Fans
■ quieter motors
■ fresh air
Attic Ventilators
■ lessen cooling costs
■ venting accessories
■ additions & complete systems
■ design, fabricate & insulate


Because comfort goes beyond simple temperature control, Walrath offers a variety of products designed to improve your home’s air quality.

■ bypass, powered & steam
Air Cleaners
■ electronic & HEPA
Air Filters
■ custom sizes & pleated
Germicidal Lamps
■ kill bacteria & mold
Fresh Air Ventilators
■ exchange stale air for fresh
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
■ safety


■ programmable & wireless
Outdoor Sensors
■ temperature & humidity
■ even air distribution
Specialty Controls
■ contact us


Following CDC social distancing and hygiene recommendations” and also that we are offering “Remote Quotes Available”.

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