Six Furnace Repair Tips for the Winter Months

When was the last time you checked the condition of your furnace?

During the winter, one of the most critical elements in your home is the furnace. A well-maintained system will provide maximum heat output without harming emissions or wasted energy.

Besides, if you put off maintenance for far too long, your furnace may become expensive to run, toxic to indoor air quality, or even fail when you require it the most. And if a furnace repair technician establishes that your system failed because of a lack of regular maintenance, you may be liable for the entire repair bill.

To ensure that your home furnace runs efficiently when it’s cold outside, use the following six maintenance pointers to prepare your furnace for winter.

1. Check Your Thermostat

Turn the thermostat on, and switch it from cooling to heating to turn on the furnace. Gradually increase the degrees to avoid rushing the furnace with too much pressure at first.

If the heating does not turn on in the first few minutes of turning up the temperature, there is an issue with your HVAC system.

When troubleshooting on your own, you need to check if the batteries are working okay. Note that all thermostats are different. Some models do not need batteries.

You can also take off the thermostat’s cover and check on the wiring. See if the wire connections are secure, but call in a professional furnace repair service to help if you are unsure of anything.

Calling a professional is wise, but first, check on the furnace repair cost. Some repairs will need new gadgets, so check with your technician about the cost.

2. Keep Air Filters Clean

You need a clean air filter to enhance your HVAC filtration and efficiency. That is vital because HVAC air filtration and efficiency are the foundations of indoor air quality.

Simply put, the air filters are powerful control parts of the HVAC systems. We keep our indoor air clean and dust-free by using proper filtration.

Here are our cleaning guidelines on how to clean your apartment air filter:

For condos or those with pets, clean the filters at least twice a year.

For a typical home, do it every 90 days.

For an office setting, do it after every two months.

If you have kids, pets, or anyone with allergies in your home, change the air filters every 20-60 days.

Dust and particles make the system work harder, which has harmful risks to your health. You may say the air filter protects the HVAC system, but it also improves the overall indoor air quality.

3. Routinely Clean Around the HVAC

Make cleaning the HVAC area a routine. When debris and materials get in the way, they disrupt the system’s ability to work.

It’s not only debris that affects the HVAC system; dust and dirt can also influence its efficiency. When cleaning, make sure the burners do not have a layer of dust.

You can opt to schedule a professional cleaning since you do not want your heating system to break down during winter.

An expert HVAC technician will spot damages in coils, see whether the pressure is okay, and notice if the airflow is not working okay. A professional will also perform an oil furnace repair which increases your heating system efficiency.

4. Check Over Your Heat Exchange

A professional has to clean your heating exchange annually. That way, we remove any soot build-up or debris and materials.

When the technician performs the cleaning task, they will also check for leaks and cracks. Cracks allow dangerous fumes to mix with the air when you turn on your HVAC system.

They should fix any cracks and leaks in the heating exchange. If you do not repair them in time, they will cause breathing illnesses. When you ignore the issue for a long time, it can cause serious illness or death.

5. Consider a Maintenance Agreement

The agreement will ensure continuous comfort in your home through all seasons. A maintenance agreement keeps your furnace and HVAC system working efficiently.

Maintenance keeps the furnace running smooth and also increases its life expectancy. The agreement is a nice way of minimizing unexpected repairs and costs.

They ensure the system is working efficiently and at peak performance. Your HVAC life expectancy will also increase. Most homeowners can clean an air filter.

But, for thorough maintenance, you will need an expert HVAC technician. The maintenance agreement with a professional will eventually pay for itself.

That is so because they can diagnose problems in the system before they become costly repairs. Also, when the system receives regular servicing, it keeps the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

6. Check on the Igniter Switch

Do you own an older gas furnace? If so, you must check on the igniter switch before winter arrives. Manufacturers now install an electronic igniter on modern furnaces.

You only push the button to switch on the system. When you find a problem with the igniter switch, do not hesitate to call an expert technician.

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A proper furnace repair may be difficult if you do not have a mechanical background. Call in a professional when it gets uncomfortable handling a furnace repair task.

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