Tips and Tricks on How to Choose the Best Heating and Furnace Repair Services in Denver

Living in Denver, your most important home appliance is the heater. In 2019, Denver faced one of its coldest years with 7 months averaging under 50* F. Without a trustworthy heater or furnace you could end up with hypothermia.

Part of ensuring your heater doesn’t die mid-winter means regular maintenance visits. A qualified HVAC technician can extend your furnace lifespan by years. Your family will never worry about being left in the cold again.

How do you find the best Denver heating and furnace repair, contractor? It’s all about asking the right questions when talking to potential contractors. Write down these 6 questions and use them to find a repair team you can trust.

Does the Denver Furnace Repair Company Carry a License and Insurance?

To operate in Colorado, every contractor must have a current license. The type of license they need depends on the scope of their everyday work.

Some certifications limit the contractor to domestic HVAC installations. If you’re hiring a contractor for your business, make sure they hold the right certificate.

A technician working unlicensed faces criminal charges. Those working without licenses are usually out to rip you off. Repairing the damage from an untrained technician can mean replacing the whole system.

Repair companies should carry two types of insurance. Request to see proof of these policies before signing any contracts. If they don’t carry insurance, you’re financially responsible for accidents on your property.

The company’s liability insurance pays for accidental damage during the repair visit. The company’s worker’s comp insurance covers any injuries to the technicians.

Are Other Denver Residents Satisfied With the Company’s Service?

Due to Denver’s long cold season, it takes a skilled hand to keep local furnaces running. Furnace companies with no experience in a northern state underestimate heater stress. They may not understand that homeowners here run their heater for half the year.

Before you rely on a big name service, look for an older local company. These technicians are your neighbors. They deal with the same furnace struggles.

After making a list of local companies, look online for reviews. Avoid review-only websites if you can. Sometimes scam companies buy reviews for these sites to find victims.

If you don’t trust online reviews because they sound too good to be true, find a source. Ask the people in your life who they rely on for heating and furnace repair. Make sure to ask about their prices so you can plan your budget.

Does the Furnace Repair Company Offer Customized Services?

What works for one home’s heating repair needs doesn’t always work for others. Older homes in particular pose unique challenges for maintaining heating systems. They weren’t built around HVAC systems so new systems must adapt to fit right.

Heaters and furnaces use ducts in the ceiling to move warm air through the house. For new homes, the ceiling installation comes after the ducts. In older homes, the ductwork must fit in a space not made for it.

To avoid problems when you need new ductwork, get custom ducts. Not every furnace repair company has a fabrication shop on-site to build their own. You may need to ask around to find someone able to build your ideal duct system.

Benefits of using a repair company with a manufacturing facility:

  • Faster overall service time
  • No waiting for hard-to-find HVAC parts
  • The ductwork that fits your home and doesn’t rattle
  • Custom fittings that won’t harm your older home
  • Lower prices for certain system parts

Sit down with the fabrication team and discuss your home’s specific heating needs. They’ll take that information and create detailed drawings to show their ideas. After approving the drawings, the fabricators make your custom furnace pieces.

Will the Company Help Choose an Energy-Efficient System?

Heating a home in Denver takes up over 40% of your energy bill each month. As your furnaces ages, it needs more energy to keep up with the demand. A Denver heating and furnace repair team can cut down on the energy bill.

After a certain point, repairing your old system won’t lower the bill. Heaters and furnaces last about 20-25 years. After that, you should look for an upgraded model.

The best way to find the right replacement is to ask your repair company. They know your home’s heating or furnace system inside and out. Who better to help you find an energy-efficient replacement unit?

While shopping for a new heater or furnace, you’ll see Energy Star labels. In Colorado, Energy Star furnaces are 15% more efficient than the standard.

Is the Heating Repair Company’s Price Too Low?

Maintaining your heater or furnace isn’t too expensive until something breaks. That’s when you tend to notice just how much you spend on it each year.

Don’t fall into the trap of bargain hunting for heating and furnace repair. Scam companies almost always advertise the lowest prices possible. They get away with it because they don’t pay for proper training and certification.

These fly-by-night companies don’t carry insurance, either. When their employees cause an accidental flood, you pay for the damage. A flood costs thousands to repair and introduces mold into your home.

Another way these companies cut their costs is by using questionable equipment. You never know if they’re using stolen tools to fix your furnace.

The same thing goes for any replacement parts they install. Maybe the cheap repair company took it off a broken unit? Used parts break quickly so you’re forced to call the repair company again.

Ready to Hire a Heating and Furnace Repair Company You Can Trust?

Don’t get caught in the cold this winter with a broken heater. Before the temperatures drop, find a heating and furnace repair company. Keep their number on the refrigerator for easy access if there’s an emergency.

Walrath HVAC in Denver is ready to tackle your heating and furnace repairs. Our technicians work with any type of heating system, residential or commercial. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day.

Contact Walrath HVAC to schedule a repair appointment. We promise you’ll never get left in the cold waiting for furnace repairs.