Service the Furnace and Air Conditioner?

“How much longer will this furnace and air conditioner last?”….is a question Walrath service technicians are often asked by customers facing the repair or replace dilemma. We realize that it would be a whole lot easier if we could just tell you. What we can tell you with certainty is that heating and cooling appliances with a history of annual maintenance and proper filtration are much more likely to last the average 20 years and in many cases exceed that life expectancy by several years.

We want everyone to understand that we empathize with any lack of information when it comes to those boxes that heat and cool your homes and the disconnect that exists regarding what homeowners should do with their heating and cooling equipment. There’s nobody to blame really, let’s face it how many people would list the furnace and air conditioner among their priorities when touring a home they’re interested in purchasing. I wouldn’t and I’m in the business. What’s the kitchen like? Bathrooms? Entertaining areas? Etc. Who wants to spend time in the furnace closet in a dark room in the basement or under the house in a crawlspace or in an attic? Nobody I’ve ever met has ever expressed an “Oh boy could we” moment with that one. This out-of-sight location issue also produces an out-of-mind response to the equipment’s needs.

Many customers share that furnaces and air conditioners being in such obscure locations make them seem more sophisticated and in some cases a little more intimidating than the stove or refrigerator. The truth is furnaces and air conditioners are relatively simple pieces of equipment compared to other items in our lives. Whether it’s today’s equipment or equipment from thirty-years ago they all share the same five basic components. It’s just that today’s components have been designed to produce better efficiencies, largely through electronics. Electronics make equipment that much more vulnerable to the environment in which they function.

Walrath has long been an information resource to everyone who has questions about the proper maintenance of their furnace and air conditioner. There are a few actions you can take yourself to get the most life out of your equipment and save some money on your monthly utility bills too. Tops on the list is to change your furnace filter regularly and to use whatever system you’re comfortable with to bring your heating and cooling equipment to the forefront of your mind a few times a year. Whether it’s a PDA or a calendar on the wall the simple reminder that action needs to be taken can add years of life to your appliances.

How do you set up your “reminder” system when it comes to things around the house?

Watch for my next article on what consumers are looking for in a service agreement and service companies.

Don Downs

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