Residential Fabrication

Walrath’s sheet metal shop plays a pivotal role in our commitment to serving the highest quality at affordable prices. Fabrication experts along with all the tools and technology Walrath has amassed over the past 50 years come together to form our mini-manufacturing facility.

In many cases doing the job right and delivering the comfort you deserve requires that special piece of ductwork or a fitting that we would normally have to pay a premium for and wait days or weeks to have delivered. Our facility produces these special components at a much lower cost to you while preventing delays on your project.

Walrath has also been relied upon by many do-it-yourselfers for custom sheet metal items or welding services. If you’ve found yourself on an endless search for the “one piece” that would finish your project then maybe its time to have a chat with one of our fabrication staff. We design and fabricate off everything from sketches on napkins to multi-page blueprints, so don’t be shy.


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